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Why Recyclean

  • We Help You Save Money: There is hidden value in nearly every project. We find those hidden values so you get the best tax savings possible.
  • We Help Save the Environment: Everything we do makes a difference in sustainability and our circular economy.
  • Recycle Usable Materials: Down to the last light bulb, we want it recycled!
  • Donate usable building materials: Helping create affordable building materials for others.
  • Deconstruction of structures: To help produce usable land.
  • Passion, Efficiency & Affordability: From start to finish.
  • From homes to commercial properties to barns in the Midwest: We’ve got you covered.

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Our Team at work

Nothing excites us more than having the opportunity to deconstruct a commercial or residential building and get the repurposed materials into the hands of people who can tell new stories with old pieces!

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    Based in Southeast Wisconsin, Recyclean’s service areas include the Chicago, Milwaukee & Columbus, Ohio metro areas.

    Located outside of this area? In an effort to ensure a more sustainable country, Recyclean is capable of servicing many other regions with our green demolition process. Contact us by phone or fill out our form to discuss the needs in your area and how we can help you!

    Who We Recycle With

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