Why Deconstruction Over Demolition?

Think deconstruction is not cost effective? Think again! Yes, the upfront costs to deconstruct a home are more, but in many cases the tax benefits offset the cost, and sometimes it's even MORE cost effective to choose deconstruction. Just fill out your Form 8283 to report information about non-cash charitable contributions, and save with big tax deductions.

Aside from the tax benefits, deconstruction is the environmentally responsible way to approach demolition and salvage. We take apart buildings and houses the same way they were originally erected so as to save, re-use and recycle everything except for hazardous materials. This allows for a 95% retention of building materials which creates a positive impact on our environment through the reduction of new manufacturing.

Why Choose Recyclean?

Recyclean, Inc. has an experienced management team. Mike Goffman, president, founded Recyclean in 2009, and has over 20 years’ experience in all phases of demolition and deconstruction. Michael Laidley, Senior Project Manager, has over 16 years’ experience of project management in construction, waste removal management, and deconstruction.

Recyclean maintains an experienced, well-trained, and reliable deconstruction work crew. Each work crew member is trained in the use of tools, and goes through extensive safety training. Recyclean has an excellent record of reliability, on-time and on-budget performance, and an outstanding safety record. Recyclean, Inc. is bonded and carries complete liability insurance coverage, as well as asbestos abatement contractor licensing.