Recyclean’s Team Has the Expert Hands Needed to Disassemble Properties Through Deconstruction

As many fight for an increasingly eco-friendly future, Recyclean, Inc.—which encourages people to think past the dumpster—becomes increasingly important. Joshua White, a partner at Recyclean, seeks to educate people on what Recyclean does so that instead of assuming traditional demolition is the only option and destroying a beautiful 19th century home, people know that with Recyclean, they have the option to deconstruct properties and then donate and repurpose those materials.

“I just can’t imagine people don’t appreciate the environmental value, the philanthropy, and the beauty behind trying to repurpose structures that are slated for demolition,” White said. “Everybody knows somebody engaging in some type of project that requires demolition, whether it’s a renovation of an old barn coming down or a house demolition to build a new mansion. Building awareness around this as an option is something that I just want to help educate people on.”

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Metals - 1,125,775 LBS
Plastics - 137,258 LBS
Concrete & Masonry - 1,565,300 LBS
Wood Products - 1,025,652 LBS
Glass - 62,581 LBS
Small Electronic Devices - 27,040 Items
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