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Carpet Cleaning Machesney Park IL

Are you 100% satisfied with your carpet cleaning agency? If you have to babysit your cleaner or call them back when the work is done, you’re not alone. Carpet cleaning companies are notorious for rushing through a job and leaving without offering a walk-through. At Advantage Kwik-Dry, we believe in providing our clients with better service than they can get from another company. We have earned a reputation as an agency that offers the best carpet cleaning in Machesney Park, IL.

We Don’t Just Say It- We Mean It

We’ll back up our promise to you with our signature guarantee that if we don’t clean your carpets more thoroughly than any other agency has in the past, we won’t charge you for the cleaning. What makes our results better than anything you have experienced in the past is our panel of specialized cleaning formulas that include Pet n’ Fresh for pet stains and odors, Break Down for accumulated grease and heavy soils, Grand Slam, for deep conditioning, and Scotchgard, to protect the work we do.

A Longer Lasting Clean

We use Scotchgard on carpets for two reasons: 1. Scotchgard protects against future stains and, 2. It protects against everyday wear. If you love the ‘just cleaned’ look when we leave your home, you’ll appreciate how Scotchgard can prolong that look and make cleaning your carpets much easier in-between visits.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Machesney Park, IL

It won’t cost a fortune to have your carpets cleaned when you contact our staff at Advantage Kwik-Dry. We offer every day low prices, along with monthly specials on carpet cleaning and other services we provide. Visit our website’s ‘Coupons’ section to download one of our money-saving slips or ask us about current specials when we schedule your cleaning. We’re always looking for new ways to save our customers money.

How We Do It

At Advantage Kwik-Dry, we use a professional process to get your carpets their cleanest. For everyday wear, our 8-step cleaning process should do the trick; however, for commercial cleaning or more heavy stains in your home, we’ll use our 12-step process to ensure your carpets get the full advantage of our methods.

Both processes start with a complete walkthrough to ID stains or other issues we’ll want to discuss with you before we start cleaning. If we note a stain that may not come out 100%, we’ll want to bring it to your attention. Following the walk-through, we’ll take care of all furniture moving while we systematically clean your carpets from top to bottom.

Child and Pet Safe

We use only eco-friendly cleaners and products that are safe for your baby, children, and pets to play on. When we're through cleaning, our pressure, and heat-regulated rinse process will ensure your carpets are not overly wet when we leave.

When we do the final walk through with you, we’ll be looking for your 100% satisfaction with the results. Give us a call for practical, affordable carpet cleaning in Machesney Park, IL, and we’ll exceed your expectations.

Carpet Cleaning Machesney Park IL
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Carpet Cleaning Machesney Park IL
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Carpet Cleaning Machesney Park IL