Recyclean, Inc. Deconstructs Early 20th Century Pine Lake Home in Wisconsin

Recyclean, Inc. takes on historic deconstruction projects around the Midwest, but at this grand Tudor-style home in Wisconsin, the company had its work cut out. Originally constructed in 1929 by American architect Alexander C. Eschweiler, whose Jacobethan and Neo-Georgian aesthetics made him a household name in Milwaukee, the lake home was a community staple that housed Wisconsin elite for decades before sitting empty overlooking Pine Lake.

Recyclean took on the project in early 2021, and according to Josh White, partner at Recyclean, the home was a sight to see. While the home also had some newer features, like Anderson windows and three wide, wooden beams down one of the home’s hallways, the antique and historic features of the home that made it the rewarding project it was.

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