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Raw Materials Recycling Since January 1, 2018:
Lumber / Wood Products - 171,608 Feet
Small Electronic Devices - 7,499 Items
Metal Fixtures (Pipes etc) - 1,132 Items
Metals - 112,577 LBS
Plastics - 37,712 LBS
Plastics (Pipe, Insulation, Etc) - 2,555 LBS
Wood Products Cabinets - 458 Cabinets
Roofing Slate - 72,343 LBS
Roofing Shingles Asphalt - 182,909 LBS
Glass (Doors, Windows, Etc) - 292 Items
Glass - 8,490 LBS
Concrete & Masonry - 155,655 LBS
Wood Products - 132,651 LBS
Masonry (Brick & Limestone) - 2,941,390 LBS
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Kenosha, WI
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West Grand Chicago

Location Chicago, IL
Scope Of Work Recycle and re-purpose building materials and save items of historical significance.

Project Detail

West Grand Chicago


Chicago, IL

This was the home of the oldest Italian food importer in the City of Chicago. The building was built in 1898. Although the building is no longer in use, the business still going strong and owned by the same family.  The building materials have been recycled and re-purposed and the history lives on via historical items that can now be found in Urban Remains, Chicago and Chicago History Museum.

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