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Raw Materials Recycling Since January 1, 2018:
Metal Fixtures (Pipes etc) - 1,132 Items
Small Electronic Devices - 7,499 Items
Roofing Slate - 72,343 LBS
Glass - 8,490 LBS
Lumber / Wood Products - 171,608 Feet
Concrete & Masonry - 155,655 LBS
Glass (Doors, Windows, Etc) - 292 Items
Plastics (Pipe, Insulation, Etc) - 2,555 LBS
Roofing Shingles Asphalt - 182,909 LBS
Wood Products Cabinets - 458 Cabinets
Wood Products - 132,651 LBS
Metals - 112,577 LBS
Plastics - 37,712 LBS
Masonry (Brick & Limestone) - 2,941,390 LBS
6301 122nd Avenue
Kenosha, WI
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Renaissance Book

Location 834 Plankinton Milwaukee, WI
Scope Of Work This 1895 neo-classic was built as a mix used property. It started as a furniture store / warehouse, and it eventually become a book store.  From the pictures to the left, you can see the building has suffered structure damage, much of it coming from the weight of the amazing amount of books accumulated over the century.  Although the building had to be deconstructed by Recyclean Inc, there are millions of items (some historic) being kept out of landfills and dumpsters because of  Recyclean Inc's obsession with recycling!

Project Detail

Renaissance Book

834 Plankinton
Milwaukee, WI