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Insulation - 18,525 LBS
Metal Fixtures (Pipes etc) - 5,283 Items
Lumber / Wood Products - 1,716,082 Board Feet
Door & Windows - 2,701 Items
Roofing Shingles Asphalt - 875,924 LBS
Wood Products Cabinets - 4,562 Cabinets
Masonry (Brick & Limestone) - 9,645,000 LBS
Small Electronic Devices - 27,040 Items
Glass - 62,581 LBS
Concrete & Masonry - 1,565,300 LBS
6301 122nd Avenue
Kenosha, WI
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(262) 857-2012

Art Walk HWY 50 Project

Location Kenosha, WI
Scope Of Work To provide real estate investors an opportunity to capitalize on one of the fastest growing real estate trends; luxury homes equipped with the latest green and home automation technologies. Upon completion, the greenhouse is 12,000 square feet of luxury with some of the most killer views on Lake Geneva. The greenhouse will attract buyers with a gold leed certification. This project will sell for a multi-million dollar price with investors potentially making a potential return of 31% or higher!

Project Detail

Art Walk HWY 50 Project


Kenosha, WI

This beautiful building was taken down, but is need of an investor with a vision to make a profit while making an impact!