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Raw Materials Recycling Since January 1, 2018:
Metal Fixtures (Pipes etc) - 1,132 Items
Wood Products Cabinets - 458 Cabinets
Glass - 8,490 LBS
Plastics - 37,712 LBS
Roofing Shingles Asphalt - 182,909 LBS
Wood Products - 132,651 LBS
Glass (Doors, Windows, Etc) - 292 Items
Concrete & Masonry - 155,655 LBS
Masonry (Brick & Limestone) - 2,941,390 LBS
Small Electronic Devices - 7,499 Items
Lumber / Wood Products - 171,608 Feet
Metals - 112,577 LBS
Roofing Slate - 72,343 LBS
Plastics (Pipe, Insulation, Etc) - 2,555 LBS
6301 122nd Avenue
Kenosha, WI
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1840 N Farwell

Location Milwaukee, WI
Scope Of Work The Northern States Life Bldg. has run it's course.  This 1959 small office building has been deconstructed to make way for Farwell Towers - a state of the art development to accommodate the changing population needs in Milwaukee, WI.  Each developer and architect leaves a piece of them with their projects. It is all erased when the building is demolished. The Recyclean Inc. deconstruction process has given the original developer and architect a "new after" by recycling the building materials and getting the materials into hands that can create a "new after" with reused building materials!

Project Detail

1840 N Farwell Milwaukee, WI


Before and After – We are creating a new after from the before.

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