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What We Do:

Recyclean,Inc. provides the labor for commercial & residential renovation and tear down projects. We specialize in a process called deconstruction that removes and facilitates all of the used building materials & furniture to a local qualified 501(c)3 charity. Recyclean enables property owners to dismantle their structure, donate the used building materials for re-use, and ultimately have the owner generate a significant tax savings from their materials donated.

Deconstruction is the tax savvy and environmentally responsible alternative to demolition. Items which may be candidates for salvage include: appliances, kitchen cabinets, counter-tops, bathtubs, bricks, dimensional lumber, doors, light fixtures, marble, sinks, stones, toilets, windows, trim, wood flooring, vanities, etc.

We Make Deconstruction Easy!

Recyclean Inc. is excited to present the world’s first recycling app for deconstruction and construction companies. The creation of this proprietary app will help construction and deconstruction organizations manage the recycling of building materials, making a huge impact in their bottom line and the environment. Recyclean Inc. will soon be licensing the application. To learn more, contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Deconstruction take longer?

It depends on the project. Some projects require more care than others. Recyclean crews are highly skilled at hand demolition & will work within your schedule to meet your goals.

What happens to the materials?

In most cases, materials are donated to a 501c3 committed to repurposing your used personal property & building materials.

What all can you save?

Recyclean will prepare building materials such as lathe, antique brick, lumber & more for reuse or recycling while assuring that fixtures, cabinets, appliances & more all have an opportunity to find a new home with another family!

How do I calculate if it's financially sensible?

By donating used building materials & personal property most individuals qualify for an income tax deduction as a result of their non-monetary donation. We encourage customers to discuss this possibility with their income tax advisor to determine their personalized benefit.

Do people really want that old kitchen?

Yes! Many experience tough times & a working refrigerator, range or some quality cabinets just may help someone in need.

How does the process work?

It all starts with a project! If you know someone considering a complete or selective demolition, call/text/email us today. We will gather information about the project & typically turn numbers around within 3 business days on qualifying projects. From there, our team will walk the customer through the entire process from start to savings!

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In most cases where a client exercises the donation option, Recyclean disassembles, packs & donates items on their behalf to a qualified 501c3 non-profit organization. These organizations are vital to serving a growing reuse economy that trades, gifts & manufacturers materials creating jobs, adding value & assuring these items find a new home other than the landfill.

What is your territory?

Recyclean, inc. is based in Kenosha, WI. We serve the greater Chicago & Milwaukee metro region working in amazing communities that appreciate green demolition such as Evanston, Glenview, Whitefish Bay, Hartland & more!

Additionally, we travel across the country for projects. We complete green deconstruction projects in the Columbus, Ohio area regularly & actively provide a demolition alternative in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Do not let geography concern you! We will travel if it is economically sensible for all parties involved.

Does it cost more to deconstruct?

In MOST cases deconstruction nets a financial benefit as a result of the income tax deduction. Demolition is a cost. With our Green Demolition model called Deconstruction ownership pays an upfront cost yielding an income tax deduction. In some cases the tax savings offsets all of the removal costs? What will they do with the savings? Please do not forget all of the people who will benefit from the process (job creation, affordable materials, etc.) & the resources you save along the way!

Why doesn't everyone do this?

Very few people even know this is an option. There is nothing new about salvaging items & materials, but our skilled team offers a direct substitute to traditional demolition allowing customers to divert used personal property & building materials from the landfill while fueling a reuse economy creating jobs & helping people in the process.