Educating the world to think past the dumpster. We are Recyclean.
Raw Materials Recycling Since January 1, 2018:
Roofing Shingles Asphalt - 182,909 LBS
Roofing Slate - 72,343 LBS
Wood Products - 132,651 LBS
Masonry (Brick & Limestone) - 2,941,390 LBS
Concrete & Masonry - 155,655 LBS
Glass (Doors, Windows, Etc) - 292 Items
Small Electronic Devices - 7,499 Items
Lumber / Wood Products - 171,608 Feet
Metals - 112,577 LBS
Plastics (Pipe, Insulation, Etc) - 2,555 LBS
Plastics - 37,712 LBS
Glass - 8,490 LBS
Metal Fixtures (Pipes etc) - 1,132 Items
Wood Products Cabinets - 458 Cabinets
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Kenosha, WI
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Mike Laidley: (847) 284-3183
Joshua White: (847) 715-8088
Chad White: (614) 319-3419
General Information
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Our Services

Educating the world to think past the dumpster.

What We Do:

Recyclean,Inc. provides the labor for commercial & residential
renovation and tear down projects. We specialize in a process called
deconstruction that removes and facilitates all of the used building
materials & furniture to a local qualified 501(c)3 charity. Recyclean
enables property owners to dismantle their structure, donate the used
building materials for re-use, and ultimately have the owner generate
a significant tax savings from their materials donated.

Deconstruction is the tax savvy and environmentally responsible
alternative to demolition. Items which may be candidates for salvage
include: appliances, kitchen cabinets, counter-tops, bathtubs, bricks,
dimensional lumber, doors, light fixtures, marble, sinks, stones,
toilets, windows, trim, wood flooring, vanities, etc.

We Make Deconstruction Easy!

Recyclean Inc. is excited to present the world’s first recycling app for deconstruction and construction companies. The creation of this propriety app will help construction and deconstruction organizations manage the recycling of building materials, making a huge impact in their bottom line and the environment. Recyclean Inc. will soon be licensing the application. To learn more, contact us today!

Who We Recycle With

Many big companies trust in our service.
Safety of our customers & workforce is paramount during this pandemic. To learn more about Recyclean’s COVID-19 ‘Response Plan’ & our commitment to serving our customers & employees, please reach out.Contact Us